Mercedes Benz S-Class

Deluxe, Luxurious, prestige and business-like.  The new Mercedes Benz S Class strengthens its position as the premium car in its class.  Mercedes Benz have outshined themselves with the amount of advancement and refinement they have managed to incorporate in the new Mercedes Benz S Class. Phantom Edinburgh are proud to offer a Mercedes Benz S Class chauffeur hire service for you.

This new model is very often described as the businessmans' executive chauffeur car of choice, The Mercedes Benz S Class is a premium example of the services we provide.

With a new design, high levels of comfort, innovative technology and a performance engine, it's time to make way for a true leader.  The Mercedes Benz S Class is the most luxurious and prestigious Mercedes Benz vehicle, capable of carrying up to 4 passengers and luggage.

The airmatic suspension has been further improved providing the smoothest ride of any vehicle on the road today, which coupled with the latest comfort seats and opulent surroundings provide you with an outstanding ride experience.

The new Mercedes Benz S-Class is even larger than the previous one in length, height and width, with sufficient leg room in the rear for you to conduct your business or enjoy your leisure.

Phantom Edinburgh are not a broker we offer you this very car which is our own in fleet vehicle.

Mercedes Benz S Class
Technical Specification
Mercedes Benz Dimensions
No of door doors / seats 4 / 5
Vehicle length  
Vehicle width  
Leg room, front  
Leg room, rear  
Head room, front  
Head room, rear  
Boot volume (DIN)  
Fuel tank capacity  
Mercedes Benz Weight
Gross vehicle weight  
Axle load limit, front  
Axle load limit, rear  
Mercedes Benz Engine
Engine / cylinder cylinders / valves  
Fuel management  
Power output @ engine speed  
Max torque @ engine speed  
Compression ratio / Fuel type  
Transmission type  
Gear ratios  
1st / 2nd / 3rd /  
4th / 5th / 6th  
Brakes, front / diameter  
Brakes, rear / diameter  
Mercedes Benz Performance
Top speed  
Acceleration 0-60 mph  
Acceleration 0-100 km/h  
Acceleration 0-1000 m  
Fuel consumption  
Extra urban  
CO2 emissions  
Wheel size, front & rear